“We didn’t expect him.” (2007/8)

“We didn’t expect him.” (2007/8)

“We didn’t expect him.” is a 3-channel interactive video installation that comprises of three 1-minute videos. The simple act of opening the miniature “door” on the wall allows the viewer to enter into the cinematic world through peeping. And each “push” of the door activates 1 of 3 points of view of the story, a long lost friend reappearing at a gathering unexpectedly. Each viewpoint unfolds subtly foreign and deterministically dramatic response of each character to an unexpected visitor. Three different perspectives however each abruptly end with an outside voice shouting “Cut!”. The wall drawings framing each of the doors feature generic, modern building facades from Seoul and Hong Kong, influenced by western architecture.

Collaboration with Bang Geul Han

3-channel Interactive Video Installation
1 DVD Player, 1 TV Monitor, 2 Computer monitors, 2 Macs, 2 Arduino Micro-controllers and Custom Electronics

Jacob Lawrence Studio, Sko

whegan, ME, USA

1-channel Interactive Video Sculpture
1 Mac, Wood, Custom Electronics
Finalist @ The 13th Independent Films and Short Videos Award, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, China

Performers: Daniel Bozhkov, Mara Bodis-Wollner, Samuel Ekwurtzel, Katalin Hausel, Katie Herzog, Shanjana Mahmud and Josue Morales Urbina
Special Thanks: James Melinat

[Interactive Video Installation]

we didn’t expect him — 3-min version from Tiffany Sum on Vimeo.