“Let’s go, outside.” (2008)

“Let’s go, outside.” (2008)

“Let’s go, outside.” is a video installation extracting a timeless sculpture park into a pictorial conversation. Staging 8 intermittent negotiations between a John Deere tractor and a golf cart from far, the crossings of 2 vehicles embedded within Oliver Krause’s Clench and N. Baris Karayazgan’s Stone Garden delineate a contact that is almost connected.
The video performance of the attempts to high-five between the tractor and the golf cart drivers is sculpturally installed inside an altered yard sale sign. The spatial negotiation extends from the body to the machine. The temporal interaction freezes the moment of confrontation into a reflective 30″ by 20′ photograph that mimics the actual event, with the tabooed broken mirror pieces. The variations and reproduction of the sculpture park interplay its scale and ultimately urge the audience to go, outside.

This piece of self contained landscape is called for sale. Unlike the park where experience is the only currency, this pixel composition questions the economy of space.

Art Omi International Artists Residency Open Studio #21, Ghent, NY, USA

Location: The Fields Sculpture Park, Art Omi, Ghent, NY
Performers: Maximilian Goldfarb, Tiffany Sum

[Video Installation] Video loop, 4″x 3″ video screen, 30″ x 20″ C-print, broken mirrors, yard sale sign